Luanna L. Rodgers, M.A., MFT
Relationships and Women’s Issues

Relationship Counseling   Your most important relationship is always with yourself, of course. But all human beings have needs for relationships with others. At their best, relationships are a source of joy, comfort, stimulation, and connection. Unfortunately, relationships are sometimes strained or out of balance. In order to encourage optimal relationships in your life, I provide counseling for couples of all sorts:  for married or otherwise partnered individuals; family members or entire families; professional colleagues and associates, friends who want to be better friends. Relationship therapy can also include grief and loss counseling, and concerns regarding relationships with pets and service animals. I am aware of cultural diversity and am very conversant with issues of family of origin, blended families, chosen families, and BDSM relationships, and poly families,especially among lesbian, gay, bi, queer, transgender - and heterosexual - people.

Women's Issues  Women are human beings, of course, and to some extent women’s issues are human issues. But women have unique concerns, some  inherent at birth and some learned in the course of growing up. When women work together we can address these matters from a shared base of experience.
The women’s issues I have worked with include:
body image - sexuality - health - relationships
co-dependency - abuse - addiction - career
stress - children - spirituality - depression - self-care

Some of these issues are well addressed through gentle, supportive, and transformational depth psychotherapy.
Some are more amenable to mindful cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).
Some can be addressed by focused problem-solving. And all can be helped through integrative health, honoring the mind body connection.

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