Luanna L. Rodgers, M.A., MFT

Hello, and welcome to my website.
I am a caring, empathetic, and experienced therapist with more than 20 years experience 
assisting others to find their life’s paths, overcoming obstacles to their fulfillment, and expanding their potential for happiness.
I was trained as a Developmental and Clinical psychotherapist, so I am especially attuned to developmental tasks and challenges.
I work with individuals, families, and many sorts of relationships, especially in areas of:
      anxiety and stress management - trauma and post-traumatic stress - depression
      self-worth and self-actualization - gender identity
      sexuality and intimacy - life transitions

My theoretical framework is psychodynamic, which means it is my experience that events early in a life can effect or determine responses later on.
I am also trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), family systems, and integrative health: accepting the mind-body connection in healing.
With more than 10 years experience in the Department of Human Services as a Child Welfare Worker, and a decade as Director of the Transgender Life Care Project
for the City and County of San Francisco, I am cross-culturally aware with diverse populations.
Individual psychotherapy can be a valuable tool for addressing and overcoming life’s challenges.
I can assist you in transforming sadness to joy, isolation to relationship, shame into confidence on your way to a successful and comfortable life path.
Service dogs welcome.

©Luanna L. Rodgers
425 Gough Street  San Francisco, California 94102   415.641.8890